Ditner’s Double Release, ‘Swallowed Whole’ and ‘Never Right,’ Sets the Stage for ‘Figures’ Album

Ditner’s upcoming album, “Figures,” promises a captivating musical journey with the intriguing release of two tracks, the alternative rock track “Swallowed Whole” and a jazz-infused rendition of his own composition, “Never Right.”

“Swallowed Whole” immerses listeners in a contemplative atmosphere right from its onset. The melancholic strumming of a guitar, coupled with a poetic piano and an underlying electro synth, sets the stage for a track filled with tension and introspection. As Ditner’s vocals unfold with depth, they gradually intertwine with rock-infused guitars and rhythmic beats, creating a rich, multi-layered sonic experience that we can find in Shoegaze music.

On the other hand, “Never Right” takes a jazz approach to revisit Ditner’s original composition. The track introduces complex and unconventional rhythms, accompanied by delicate piano notes and soulful guitars. Ditner’s soft vocals and emotionally charged interpretation contribute to the creation of a cloud of sound that is both soothing and surprising.

These two singles provide a tantalizing glimpse into the diversity of Ditner’s musical palette, leaving us eager to explore the entirety of “Figures” upon its release on October 27th. The contrasting styles of “Swallowed Whole” and “Never Right” suggest an album that promises a rich tapestry of sounds and emotions, showcasing Ditner’s versatility as an artist.