Discovering the extraordinary The Woman Inside

Picture by Mim Schneider

You will never see music the same way with our discovery of the week The Woman Inside. 

Drawing inspiration from electronic sonorities, trip-hop and touches of punk colours, the artist’s latest eponym opus is nothing but a true journey through the unknown. 

Intense, dark, and surprising, this humanoid-art project on the study of mankind effortlessly immerses the audience into a reflective psychedelic artistic piece of work with limitless creativity.  

If there’s one thing that The Woman Inside does well, it’s this surprising way of creating out of the box, out of the conventional norms and expectations. The Woman Inside is an example of artistic freedom and the voices we hear all along with the project are full of sincerity, emotions and visceral feelings. 

While experimentation is an integral element, the multi-talented artist pays special attention to sending unifying messages through the music. 

Futuristic and remarkable, dive into The Woman Inside’s music :


„I See my art as a statement of free speech without boundaries.“ The Woman Inside. 

Photos by Katja Heinemann

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