dark passenger_ releases new single ‘designed for objection’

Going about his business somewhat in the shadows, Lewis Mander aka dark passenger_ has been quietly crafting some fairly unique electronica for over two years now. With early tacks receiving little attention, unfazed he continues to churn out some genuinely interesting work.

‘designed for objection’ delves into a recurring theme, one that has become ever more prominent in today’s society. Examining the increasingly thorny issue of how social media is having a significant impact on our mental wellbeing, ‘designed for objection’ is asking us to consider that if we find ourselves [without realising?] caught in an endless cycle of likes and a ‘curated life’, how do we/can we exit the ‘machine’, and reclaim our ability to see things for what they really are? It’s realigning our focus if you will.

What’s that sound Lewis?

“It’s what happens when I create a drum loop or some synth bass and immediately think, how can I distort it? How can I make it dirty? How can I lo-fi it to death? And if things start to work and gel, then there’s a song at the end of it. Sometimes there’s a distinct path as to the direction of the music, sometimes it just flows without a lot of thought really.”

There’s not a great deal going on outside of the studio though, no live performances to date, no physical media etc.?

“It’s all to come I guess. I think at this stage it’s all about developing and honing a style which will then translate well on stage. To be honest, I do have quite a few ideas of what a live show would look like, I just need to figure out what the best path is to get there.

In terms of physical media, I’m really excited about the prospect of realsing something on vinyl, and tape(!) I find the nostalgia behind the recent upturn in tape sales almost too hard to ignore. And releasing on vinyl? that’s a given [and coming soon]”

Who influences your work?

“There’s been so much music which has all planted tiny little seeds over the years, far too many to mention here, but if I were to mention a few, it would be bands such as Nine Inch Nails and Gary Numan, and producers/DJ’s Sasha, John Digweed and Nick Warren.

So, what’s next?

“I’d really like to cover something, you know, a bit of a remix, a reworking perhaps, something from the 90’s… I have an idea, but can’t say just yet, I need permission from the publishers first…”

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