Charlie Burger Spreads Magic with His Voice & Guitar

Charlie Burger, a renowned musician in the USA is bringing life and warmth back to hearts of people with his exceptional skills in singing and playing the guitar. The demand for his live performances is continually growing in and around Las Vegas.

Based on his music career spanning more than five decades, Charlie Burger knows, in depth, the art of winning the hearts of his listeners and engaging their minds with spellbinding performances.

When asked what he most loves about performing music, he answered, “Making an uplifting emotional impact on a person and, in turn, being uplifted myself. Creating interest first from my own self as a creative source, then eliciting interest from others in what I am creating plus some sort of participation from them even if it’s just a smile or a foot tapping. From there we rise together to new heights, mutually creating as we share in the aesthetic waves.”

While he does write original material, Charlie prefers to play cover songs, the famous hit songs that many people know and love. Basically, he chooses songs that he, himself, loves and would like to communicate to his audience. He researches all about the song and works out an arrangement, so it sounds good with just his one voice and guitar. He practices each part for as long as he needs to work out the flow of it so it is seamless, and he can play it artfully. He then brings it to the stage, and wonderful musical performances are rendered.

“I love to immerse myself in the recordings and videos of the original or the best versions of tunes that I cover, as that is usually when the spirit of the song was most alive. I do everything possible to get that essence into my performances.”

If we observe the many different songs he plays, we will come to know that Charlie Burger is a versatile artist who is not limited to any fixed genre. His fans love this about Charlie’s performances! He has developed the ability to engage people of all ages, with a variety of musical tastes and sentiments. And he loves to surprise his audiences with the exact right song for the moment, often one that nobody expected but are so happy to hear!

“I have evolved a diversified repertoire of country, rock, pop, soul, blues, jazz, show tunes, traditional, folk and holiday music. The more competent I become, the better the caliber of music I can reach for and the more satisfying it is to perform it. I am doing material now that I never approached before. I listen now with a more discerning and sophisticated ear. It is so worth the work to improve your skill level.”

Charlie Burger is bringing hope and a feeling of a happier life back to the people in Las Vegas with his performances. He is leaving his mark on the hearts of his audiences wherever he goes.

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