Best of the month: the trio Tommy Romero

Tommy Romero is a trio coming straight from Switzerland that is ready to be widely talked about. 

Know for their famous tracks “Achy Breaky Heart”, “Johnny B. Goode” or “Sweet Home  Chicago”, the band will make your whole month and more. 

 ‘We‘ve had the chance to listen to their new album “Everybody’s Watchin”, an epic opus that gives you a real Rock feeling. 

Consisting of Tommy (drums, lead vocals), Noah (electric-guitar, backing vocals) and Max (bass, backing vocals), the band effortlessly delivers a catching project filled with uplifting grooves and subtle tastes of 90s rock. The lyrical contents are worthy of the greatest and the guitars truly contagious.

The energy contained in “Everybody’s Watchin” will make you want to listen to it on repeat, and brings you rare quality. Definitely the best album of November that you will discover on November 19.

Meanwhile, listen to their discography below:

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