Artist spotlight: Sidney Breedlove

Sidney Breedlove will make noise in the international game, you can be sure of that. We discovered him with “Take It Low”, an addictive banger that will accompany the rest of our summer, and more. We even wondered why we did not know him before. 

When quality meets creativity, you are sure to listen to something special and that’s what offers the single. His artistic recipe saves the hip-hop genre thanks toits signature between hard-hitting beats, haunting samples and above all a sharp rap flow. 

The outcome is powerful, bouncy and with such a charismatic personality, Sidney Breedlove stands out from the crowd. He proves that rap music is not dead while remaining authentic to his musical vision. 

Let’s be honest, this is extremely rare nowadays! Enjoy “Take It Low” right now and add this gem to your best playlists:

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