A new world with NFTs

Focus on 3D and NFT artist bloodwoods!

“I am a Freelance Motion Designer & Animator based in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia. I create high quality, emotionally compelling, share-worthy video content that ignites your target audience. I come from a six year video editing background, but within the last couple of years found a spark in motion graphics and design. Using After Effects and Cinema 4D, I have developed a niche in creating affluential content for the remote control of our lives, the smart phone. I am passionate about innovative design, and I am eager to attack challenging projects across any vertical.

Wide skill set allows me to either joining teams on location or remotely, or taking on projects from initial concept to the end result on my own, or if needed, by putting together a small team of people.

Notable traits:
– Recently built a custom editing pc from scratch
– Considered to possess an above average interest in craft beers and IPA’s
– Launched a Hip Hop Culture app for iPhone in 2016
– Absurdly great at any first person shooter on console
– Watched Fight Club 237 times

So don’t be shy and if you have a project you want to discuss, want to grab a beer or just want to say hi, let’s get in touch!”

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