A Musical Journey with Philippe Petrucciani and Nathalie Blanc

Describe your music in 3 words!

Melody, swing, improvisation.

Give us 3 artists that inspire you:


Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis, Pat Metheny.


Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Bill Evans.

3 of your favorite songs of all time:

Philippe: Falling Grace, Round Midnight, SOS (Wes Montgomery).

Nathalie: My Favorite Things, Les Moulins de mon cœur, So Many Stars.

Share 3 dreams you have for your career:

Continuing to embark on musical projects as often as possible.

Conducting more and more beautiful concerts.

Sustaining meaningful musical encounters.

Give us one of your best memories since you started in music:


The tour I did with my brother Michel Petrucciani.


Meeting the fabulous musician Michel Petrucciani and the moments spent discussing and playing music with him when I played the piano, like the memorable jam session in New York.